Franklin D. Roosevelt During The Great Depression

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” due to the economical crisis happening at the time he was running for president. Soon after he had given the speech in which this quote was in, things rapidly improved. All Americans feared for their everyday lives.Franklin D. Roosevelt fought for a new era, one that would be without poverty and unemployment. Roosevelt was left with raw mistakes when he came into office in 1932 from former president Herbert Hoover, these needed to be fixed. Roosevelt with his new deal programs rebuilt the Americans working class, lowered poverty, and formed Social security which helped elders, disabled, and other who could not work. Roosevelt left a legacy of a working and …show more content…
When the great depression started the stock market crash was the first event leading to the era of poverty and unemployment. He did not try to do anything to help the decrease of jobs and increase of poverty levels. Hoover refused to fund any welfare programs which he believed that any assistance can reduce the chance of working. Hoover did not take any action when it came to the “crash”. There were a few reasons we had gone through the great depression after the stock market crash. Like bank failures. Bank accounts were uninsured which meant many with bank accounts had lost their savings. Many other banks that survived were worried about their safety. Then there was the reduction in in purchases. The reductions in purchases happened in all the wealth classes. Due to the reduction in purchases, there where a large amount of workfare. Finally there was a economical policy with Europe. Businesses started to fail, so they had created the Smoot-Hawley Tariff, 1930. This was made to protect the companies. With this there was a large tax that had been put on imports with America and Foreign countries. In result there were less trades amongst them. This was a hard era we as America had gone through, until came along Franklin Delano