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Franklin D. Roosevelt was born a member of a family of wealth. His birthplace was a mansion on the Roosevelt estate and the property was his family's for more than a hundred years. He was born on January 30, 1882 and his family was dutch. As he got older, he received his early education at home from tutors, and at 14 years old he entered Groton University to prepare for Harvard. He was 18 when he entered Harvard University and became one on the "Gold Coast." He graduated from Harvard in 1904 and after Harvard he entered Columbia Law School and established a law firm of his own, but did not stay in law school for long. While still a student of law at Columbia, Roosevelt married his sixth cousin, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt. The wedding was on March 17, 1905. They had five children: James, Anna, Elliot, Franklin D. Jr. and John A. Roosevelt. In the year 1910, Roosevelt at 28, ran for State Senator from his home district and won and was re-elected two years later. While he was state senator, he fought against Tammany Hall and supported Woodrow Wilson for president in 1912. For helping Wilson become president, he was appointed Assistant Secretary of the Navy. He also ran for the US democratic senate seat in 1914, but was defeated in the primary. In 1920, Roosevelt was nominated for vice president, but was defeated by the republicans by a tremendous amount. In 1921, he became ill with infantile paralysis, which later was the turning point to help Roosevelt get to the white house. His legs became paralyzed, but in New York he soon began to recover. He discovered swimming in Warm Springs and regained partial use of his legs. He was able to walk with canes and steel braces only. While in New York, he worked with Democrats to promote their issues. Even though he was favored to run for president in 1928, he declined and helped nominate Alfred E. Smith. In 1928, he reluctantly agreed to run for governor and was elected. Most of his legislative program during his first term in office consisted of unfinished business from the three preceding Smith

administrations. Mr. Roosevelt's greatest triumph during his two terms as Governor in 1930, was his victory in the dispute over water power. In 1932, Roosevelt ran and won the democratic nomination for president. He ran during the time of the Great Depression and was elected over Herbert Hoover with a tremendous amount of votes. Roosevelt