The History Of Linux And Linux

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Windows - Windows is one of the most well-known operating systems developed by Microsoft. 9 out of 10 homes and businesses currently use at least one Windows computer. Windows was originally based off of MS-DOS. This line of Windows OS became known as the 9x series. Eventually, all subsequent Windows OS's are based off Windows NT. The most recent WINNT OS would be Windows 7. Mac OS X - OS X is an operating system developed by Apple and is currently the 2nd most used OS after Windows. It has less than 20% market share. OS X unlike Windows is actually based off of UNIX. Therefore, OS X is considered to be part of the Unix OS family like Linux is. In fact, you can almost consider OS X to be a Linux Distribution. Linux - Linux is not actually a single OS, but rather several distributions all based off of the original UNIX system. Linux is very popular for servers but has recently found its way to the desktop. It's not as popular as OS X or Windows yet, but it's popularity is rising. Unlike OS X or Windows, Linux is free and open source. There are many distributions of Linux like Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, etc.
Viruses - In the Mac vs. PC commercials, it was stated that PC's commonly get viruses and Macs do not get viruses. That is untrue because OS X is just as vulnerable to viruses as Windows is. The reason why Windows appears to be more vulnerable is because it literally has more viruses programmed for it. But that doesn't mean the system itself is more vulnerable. Mac OS X has the