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Now that I have made the commitment to attend Abc college College, I need to focus on successfully reaching my goal, which is to become a nurse. There are many competencies, skills and habits of mind that are essential for success in college, life, and my future career, and I hope to use my strengths to overcome any challenges I may face in reaching my goal. Therefore, it would be beneficial to explore the competencies, skills, and habits of mind necessary for success in college, life and career, as well as the strengths and challenges that may affect success in those areas. In college, I will need study skills, self-motivation, and time management in order to be successful I will need study skills, self-motivation, and time management in order to be successful in college. The R.N. program will require taking courses like Anatomy & Physiology, and Introduction to Nursing, which require a lot of memorization of new material. I will need to setup a quiet, comfortable space to concentrate, study my material and get my assignments completed. The T.V. is a big distraction, and I would probably fall asleep trying to study in the bed. Secondly, self-motivation will be needed. The ability to push one’s self to achieve a goal is key to success. Whether it’s staying up late to finish an assignment, or forgoing the big game to get some studying in, you have to motivate yourself to get the work done. So I will be keeping my eyes on the prize and getting my work done, while everyone else is having fun. Lastly, time management is a critical part of a successful college career. Time is at a premium for me right now, so I must assess and prioritize how I spend it. I have to keep up with my studies, I have to keep my boss, girlfriend, family and friends happy and supportive of my decision to return to school. I have the ability to stay focused and get my work done. Focusing on the parts of my assignments will enable me to tackle them one by one with minimal stress. This should come in handy as my work-load starts to get heavy. A big part of staying focused is being well organized.
Reflective Narrative
Organization skills I have learned in the past will help me to know what's due, when it's due, and how to best get it done. My biggest challenge will be time management. Working and going to school full-time, is definatly challenging. Finding time to study, do homework, research and write reports, while still keeping up with the riggers of everyday life is going to take extraordinary effort and dedication on my part In life, I will need strong family support, planning, flexibility in order to be successful. Family is very important to any success I achieve in life. I have inherited my tenacity and work ethic from my mother. She prays for my success and let's me know I can achieve any goal. My children are my legacy. They motivate me to be a success and contribute to not only society, but also to their future. Anything I achieve in this life is for their love and support. What's success without planning called? - Luck! In order to achieve success without dumb, blind luck, takes planning. Every successful business was started with a business plan. Someone sat down and strategically wrote down how their company would move from start-up, to profitability. This same approach is applied to a successful life. We save money for education, and retirement We relocate and continue education for our careers. Planning involves assessing where you are now, where you want to be and the steps needed to get there. Life has a tendency to change and can throw you a curve ball from time-to time. This is when being flexible is necessary. Look at the economy for example. Millions of people lost jobs, savings and homes, but have had to adjust. We have all been impacted in some way. Being flexible and able to readjust priorities, lifestyles and goals are a necessary part of living in today's society. A strength I have for achieving success in life