Freedom of Expression Essay example

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Freedom of expression is imperative in creating an efficient democracy and enabling public participation in decision-making. Citizens are not able to engage in public decision-making or utilize their right to vote if they don’t have free access to ideas and information and are unable to express their views freely. The media’s role in a country is to educate and inform its citizens. In order for people to make intelligent decisions about public policy, people need accurate, timely, unbiased information. Media audiences may benefit from various, conflicting opinions, allowing them to obtain a wide range of viewpoints. This role of the media is especially important during election campaigns, when very few voters are given the opportunity to see or possibly talk with the candidates in person. The media can assume a more active role in public debate through investigative reporting and editorials. It can also serve as a forum for groups and individuals to express their opinions through articles and letters, and web postings, with divergent points of view.
Another important function of independent media is to serve as a “watchdog” over the government and other powerful institutions in society. The media is able to expose the truth behind the claims of the government and hold public officials accountable for their actions. Freedom of expression is thus not only important for individual dignity but also to participation, accountability and democracy. Different countries around the