Essay about Fresh Water Systems Issues

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Fresh Water Systems Issues

Introduction Lakes are one of the planet's most important freshwater resources providing water for domestic, agricultural and industrial uses for much of the world's population. Even though, the earth is mostly water, only 2.15 per cent of all the Earth's water. The present state of fresh water is mainly include the following problems: freshwater augmentation, waste water and storm water, eutrophication of lakes and reservoirs, sewage and public health problems.

Freshwater Augmentation Freshwater resources are important for meeting basic human needs. Many health hazards in developing countries and transition-economy countries are related to poor water quality and limited water quantity.Many of these countries use more than their annual freshwater renewal rate by satisfying demands from non-renewable resources. This water shortage is expected to worsen as a result of several factors including population growth, pollution of surface water sources, and an increase in the standard of living resulting in growing demand.

Eutrophication of Lakes and Reservoirs Eutrophication of lakes and reservoirs is becoming more serious due to the continuous loading of organic matter, phosphorous and nitrogen into these water bodies. The nutrients are mainly from agricultural run-off as well as from industrial and urban discharges. Fertilizers from agriculture as well as domestic and industrial sewage are constantly entering these water bodies directly as well as through rivers and streams.

Waste Water and Storm Water Planning waste water collection and treatment systems is one of the major environmental concerns confronting cities in developing countries and countries in transition.Many cities…