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What the articles says is that the city Divvy’s bike-share program will function during the winter in Chicago throughout all the stations. Not all the stations will be in use but most of them will. The 300 Divvy stations anticipated to be operated by the end of the month will be open throughout the winter time.
The people mentioned in this article are first the author of the article transportation reporter Rosalind Rossi. Second, there is the City Officials whom decided to continue this Divvy program throughout the winter time. Third, are the Divvy teams whom will go around the city in blue vans with deicer salt, shovels, and brooms to keep the Divvy stations clean. Last of all, are all the riders who in the winter more than 11,000 annual Divvy members will be notified by e-mail if bikes are not in use.
This event took place Tuesday October 30, 2013. Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office said Tuesday in a news release. This article although was written at 02:22 AM on October 30, 2013. In the four months Divvy has been up and running it has provided more than 600,000 trips to riders who traveled for more than 1.5 million miles and next year (2014) it is scheduled to have at least 100 more stations.
I think that the events in this article happened because Divvy brought many contributions to the city this summer and brought it much money. If you were in the downtown area during the summer in Chicago Divvy bikes were scattered all over the city. A possible reason that comes to mind while thinking why the city decided to run Divvy during the winter is that the money it brought during the summer helped the city. The more people use these bikes and pay for them each time the more money the city gets.

The locations named in this article are the city of Chicago and the downtown area.
The events took place by first, the Divvy Company started in the summer of 2013 in June. Second, throughout the summer there was much success with this project and people rode all over the city whether if it was to work or just a nice bike ride. Last of all, the city realized how much success