Friendship Essay

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According to Judith Viorst in “All Kind of Friend”, the author discusses about the people we call friends. She established the following categories of friendship. Life is colorful, and the friendship is the same. You may be don’t know how many people we meet in whole life can be friend, and how many friend we know, but I think that the friendship is very flexible. There are several kinds of friends in this world. We see them everyday either in school, home, or at the job. But, had we ever stopped to think to classify our friends. In my opinion I classify friends on how well I know them and how well they know me. The three main ones are the general friends, on-line friends, and best friends.

The second type of friend is the best friends or close friend. They always stay beside you when you need them. They know you as like they know their self. They always listen but never judges, help you out of a jam, tell it to you straight, and often forgive a debt. I share everything with my best friend and he never judges me. I never have to think twice about nothing that I share with him. We exchange everything together. This kind of friend is very trustworthy and loyal.

The first type of friend is the general friend. This means that you only know their name. Several times you might not even remember what they look like if you stop seeing them for a day or two. Those kinds of friends you could find anywhere, such as in school, work, on the bus, or anywhere else you might be. General friends you won't stop to talk to them for more then an hour. Those