The Importance Of Friendship

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Toan Nguyen
Professor Sarah Corp
English 101
18 October 2017 Friendship At some moment in life, we find a person who can change our lives even a little bit. It is the person who not only comes to us when we are happy or successful but also does not leave when we are sad or when we fail although people around have left us. And we call this person is a friend or even a close friend. Friendship is one of the most beautiful and brightest sentiment, and it has a tremendous influence on our lives. In the life, there are many people that make us feel comfortable to meet or talk, and we introduce to everyone that these are our friends, but they are just new acquaintances. These people can come our home and go out together. But not all of them can become people can share
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Imaging we are getting a handful of sand, and the sand is our friends. They are very easy to fall out of the hands even the more we clench the more falling out. Only the grains of sand in the middle of the palm of the hand can be held. It is also the close friends that we really need. These friends always come to us no matter what happens. Therefore, we need to keep and cosset the friendship with all the affection and respect. To become a good friend requires a lot of understanding because people have a different personality. The understanding between people is not easy because it takes time to acquire and overcome trouble to grow up. In other words, there must be a sharing, a sympathy and a helping that make friends more understand each other. Having a nice friendship will make life more enjoyable. It is so peaceful if there are always helpers when we are in trouble. It is so happy if someone trusts and shares their lives with us. And it is so warm if someone always cares and reminds us about smallest things. Therefore, If there is a beautiful friendship, we will not face the anxiety and loneliness of