From Contaminated To Cle How Filtering Can Clean Water

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Shon Smith
Research Paper My topic is: From contaminated to clean: how filtering can clean water, my point of view on this topic is that filtering would be an essential asset to produce cleaner water. Some scientific terms that I would use are: Filter which is a material that has tiny holes that allow solid particles contaminated in a liquid to pass through ( Adsorption would be a term I would use because not to many students and or adults know that it means the process in which molecules of a substance such as a liquid collects on another surface. To start this paragraph I can say that, we living in the United States are very fortunate. I can say this because we have pure drinking water, and don’t have to worry about it being unsafe. Many other parts of the world people don’t have that luxury of having pure uncontaminated water ( So with this experiment I was going to find out if using a filter actually helps clean water.

Contaminated water can be a source of disease, such as Cholera and Dysentery. According to the World Health Organization approximately 1.6 million people have died due to drinking contaminated water ( could put a stop to Cholera and Dysentery by implementing filters with Physical Barriers, this would be a useful investment because the barriers will help get all the particles and murky out of the water, so it will have clarity and will be safe for people to drink.

The process of Adsorption would be very useful because it’s a paper filter that traps oils. Many cities are starting to use paper filters to purify their drinking water. An additional step that would be essential to take would be adding chemicals to the water, this idea may seem like it would contaminate water farther than it already is but