Functions Of Management

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July 6, 2013


The four functions of management can be a crucial factor in running a business. Determining what type of manufacturing will be used for a product can change the aspects of how the four functions affect the business. This paper will discuss what the four functions are and how they affect decisions about starting a company to manufacturing solar coffee pots. There are four major functions, or characteristics to management; planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. These can each play a big part in running a company effectively. Planning means a manager will determine the companies’ goals and how best to achieve them. Organizing is looking a little deeper into the goals that need to be achieved and putting into action the plans that have been made to reach them. Directing is guiding the employees in achieving the goals that are set for them. Managers should manage, and allow the employees to do the work. Finally, controlling is observing and monitoring all work to ensure everyone is doing the jobs required to meet the deadlines in place. (Credo, 2001) When starting a new business a person has four main choices for manufacturing. All in-house manufacturing is the lowest cost option, however having no manufacturing knowledge this is not an option. Assembly only manufacturing would relieve the problem of manufacturing knowledge, and costs would be only slightly higher. However, having no management skills creates a problem when trying to manage an assembly plant, so this is not the best option either. Outsourcing is the other option available. Companies have the option to outsource offshore, or onshore, meaning within the United States. (Editorial Board, 2011)
For the business of making solar coffee pots outsourcing within the U.S. is the best option. It will require the least amount of upfront investment. Although it is the highest cost option, overall it is the