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In this assignment I will produce a report describing how a food outlet functions and manages its teamwork within staff daily. The description will be based upon the information I gathered from observing the food outlet. This information will then be fitted in with the various models of management and team roles. I will then provide a list of skills I have observed in the manager and add desirable skills that I did not observe. Last but not least I will compare the difference in behaviour from motivated staff and those that lack motivation with reasons why. This assignment will help me show a greater understanding in the motivation of teams and how theories of motivation are applied within a day to day business. During this assignment I will show clear and effective understanding on well defined topics.


In order for me to develop this assignment, I observed a food outlet to be able to record and report how it functions and how the managers and staff develop their teamwork and motivation within the job. I also looked into my previous assignments and class notes as I have studied this subject before and have done similar tasks involving writing reports about retails stores observing the same bullet points. Observing and recording the management, staff and their tasks was not a hard task. I gathered all the information I required and needed to type this assignment up, I read through it and collected the most useful parts that I needed only. I then developed a plan of how to lay my work out so it has a clear and simple format and then made a draft of it, after proof reading my work and making sure I didn’t leave anything out.


I have chosen to base my observation of a food outlet on a restaurant which has recently opened in Croydon, Surrey, called Cosmo. It is a restaurant geared towards Asian cuisine which serves food from different parts of Asia such as Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Mongolia, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Vietnam. Cosmo forms their philosophy and guides every aspect of what they do by remembering the following 5 principles.

• Cook fresh, Eat fresh • Maximise the menu • Entertain as they cook • Give value for money • Make customers feel they are valued

1 Management presence

I noticed little management presence as I was observing the restaurant and I suspect it is due to the responsibilities of the manager such as ensuring supervisors have checked on the stock levels, controlling cash register levels and making sure staff who run shifts are in on time, amongst other things. I saw the manager floating around now and again to be doing only what I can speculate as checking on staff. It was mainly the supervisors who seated the customers who kept an eye out on the rest of the team members.

2 Style of Management

From what I observed at Cosmo I would say the style of management this food outlet uses is democratic because the manager trusts the supervisors to make decisions on their own and take action without being given the task to. As I mentioned above, the manager was not seen very often during my observation but yet every team member knew their role and duties. Only the supervisors I saw stood at the entrance would delegate tasks to waiters every now and then such as point out tables with empty plates or empty glasses and tables that needed wiping down before anyone could be seated there.

3 Visible working systems

Cosmo does not base it working systems on machinery. The only machinery I came across was the till at the entrance of the restaurant where you pay per person and a doorman then lets you through to where you stand and wait to be seated. There also was a till at the bar. Those were the only machines as it is an open buffet restaurant.

4 Tasks undertaken

Every employee knows their role within the restaurant of Cosmo. As I was observing I was able to identify the cleaners from the