Functions of Management Essay

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AUGUST 18, 2013


In this assignment I am making a management decision of what type of manufacturing I want for my business. I review the management functions controlling, leading, organizing, and planning by my definition. I have chosen final assembly only in the USA vs. offshoring or outsourcing. I feel as my management decision is going to work well with my companies’ goals, budget, and vision of growing and striving for many years to come.

FUNCTIONS OF MANAGEMENT Controlling as a function of management means to check actual performance and work against what is planned for the long term goal. The main process of controlling is to establish standards within the company. Standards are set as policies and procedures to ensure the company runs as planned. (2013. Management Control.) The function of planning in management is a lot like making a business plan. Planning is finding out what goals the company sets and then coming up with a strategy to meet those goals, whether they are long term or short term goals. (2013. Lisa McQuerrey, Demand Media.) Leading or Leadership is best known as the ability for those to influence others into having the same goals and vision for the company as they do. Good leadership is crucial to a company’s life span and profitability. (2006. Hayward, H. Garrett.) Organizing as a function of management involves the combination of human, financial and physical resources to achieve the results the company wants. The organizing of the company is usually performed by a manager. The manager with the best organizing skills is usually chosen for the job. As a part of my management decision of manufacturing my product I have chosen to establish final assembly only operation with components purchased from local vendors. Some of the pros of final assembly only is you are establishing a relationship with local vendors which in turn could get you discounts. Also you can see for yourself how the process is going rather than calling overseas and wondering if the product is being assembled correctly. (3 February 2010. Other pros include saving the thirty percent deposit you would have to pay if you offshored the product manufacturing overseas. The FedEx charges for shipping the product locally is much more inexpensive