Essay about Future of Ideology

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Future of Ideology

Present day, are humans living in a post ideological society? Ideology came from the disruptions of economic, social and political issues by which the modern society today took shape, and has been involved in the continuing process of social transformation and political advancement. Ideologies aim to provide and defend a particular social order. Generally, ideologies have been categorized in terms of a political spectrum. Ideologies range from left wing to right wing. They range from communism on the extreme left, to liberalism in the center and fascism at the far right.
Daniel Bell wrote a book entitled “The End of Ideology” in 1960. Gordon states, “Bell 's argument is that the great political ideologies of the nineteenth century, liberalism and socialism, each of which Bell conceives of as a set of beliefs, infused with passion, and seeks to transform the whole of a way of life.” The beliefs lost their power to move people of the skilled industrial societies in the 1950’s. Bell thought that the loss of power was due to failure of the ideologies to avoid wars, political domination, economic depression and the changes to capitalism due to the changes in the welfare state (Gordon). According to Glaser, Francis Fukuyama also wrote an essay that focused on the end of ideologies in 1989 that was titled “The End of History.” The essay by Fukuyama told how ideological disagreements between east and west were finished, and that western liberal democracy had triumphed. Fukuyama stressed that we was not stating that there would not be any more significant happenings or that there would be no followers or countries following the liberal democratic beliefs. Glaser states “Fukuyama was talking about ideas rather than events. He believed that western liberal democracy, with its elegant balance of liberty and equality, could not be bettered; that its attainment would lead to a general calming in world affairs; and that in the long run it would be the only credible