Future of Technology Essay

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Future of Technology
Technology in the medical field today is just as important as medicine itself. Technology has evolved so much over such a short period of time. After watching the video Microsoft Vision for the Future of Technology in health I don’t necessarily believe that all the technology shown in the video is possible at this moment, or at least in the near future. However a lot of it is already being used. A lot of the technology expressed in the video already exists. Maybe not to the extent of holographic arrows in the hallways of hospitals directing you where to go, but technology such as tablets to store and send information between doctors and practices, along with fingerprint security. The video was very well put together and expressed an idea that could be possible. If people continue to invest and invent better and more reliable technology, the ability to better service patients will be much more time effective and will in turn prevent errors in the medical field as well.
I found that many of the technologies in the video to be very intriguing. The first to grab my attention was the charging pad, on which the woman’s cell phone and wallet were on. Not only did it charge her electronics, it was also like a computer in itself. Although we already have charging pads that are able to charge our devices such as cell phones and other electronics, none that are also a computers as well. The second piece of technology that I found interesting was her cell phone. Once she received the message from her doctor or analyst that was monitoring and tracking her exercise. We already have cell phones that can do pretty amazing stuff, but I’ve never seen one that can be used as a remote control. She used the phone not only to turn on her television set, but also to synch and activate a face to face conference. It was interesting how all that information was in sync and how interoperability was used to relate information smoothly and efficiently between everyone involved. The last item that I really liked was the wallet that she used. Before anything could be accessed, she had to use her fingerprint as a password to open it. Inside were all the things we carry today in our wallets. That is very different