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Gangs in America 06-06-09

Gangs in America It is estimated that there are roughly 24,000 gangs in America today. There are 750,000 stated gang members. Gangs are taking over our youth and our county. In 1996 50% of all gang members were juveniles. Twelve years later that percentage has not changed. Gang violence is on the rise and it has to stop. We have to take back our streets and our children. The history of gangs goes back to biblical times. Gangs have always caused social issue and unlawfulness. The history of gangs in America leads back to the colonization of this country. Immigrants came over here from Europe with little or no money. The money that they didhave ran out quickly. Poverty caused and fueled illnessand
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(CBS News, 2007) Local police departments are doing their part too. Many major cities have “Gang Task Forces” that specialize in dealing with the gang problem. These specialized forces know the facts on their local gangs and their members. They also do preventative measure to help ensure that others don’t join gangs. There is a national gang task force too that helps dealing with the overwhelming gang problem. The national gang task force, better known as the National Gang Targeting, Enforcement and Coordination Center (GangTECC) was organized in 2006 by the attorney general. According to the Attorney General “GangTECC is a multi-agency center designed to serve as a critical catalyst in a unified federal effort to help disrupt and dismantle the most significant and violent gangs in the United States.” (United States Department of Justice, 2008) Studies have shown that education is the best weapon against delinquency. Education provides the tools to a brighter future for many at risk kids. When children do well in school they gain self esteem and the knowledge to obtain a successful career. Job employment provides people with the wealth and confidence to seek out productive lifestyles. Employment also surrounds youth with peers that are doing the right thing and gives them the opportunity to make friends that are not delinquent. Another way that we can prevent our nation’s youth from joining gangs is