Gay Marriage Essay

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Gay Rights Should Be Legalized.

Gay marriage has been a big issue in many countries since 1924. Around year 2000, countries like America and the UK started legalizing gay marriages. Even in 2013, homosexuals are still fighting for their right to get married to someone of their same sex. Every human has rights, and homosexuals are no different. Everyone should have equal rights, regardless of their sexuality. Gay marriage should be legalized in all states and countries, and be allowed to have basic human rights, as it has been held off for too long.

Being gay is not a choice. Scientific research publications from October 2004 and June 2008 stated that scientists have found that it is not a choice weather you want to be gay or straight. A 2005 study on gay relationships reported ‘genetic scans’ showing that you are in fact born with your sexuality. A study from 2006 stated, "The research suggests that the development of sexual orientation is influenced before birth." To many people homosexuality is a choice, to others, it is due to psychological damage, but it’s not a choice, or a disease, it’s an identity. Homosexuals want nothing more than to be accepted for who they are, and not for their sexuality.

Gay marriages don't affect children. In fact, the studies show that children raised by gay couples seem to be more adjusted than then children raised with a mother and father. The argument that children raised in homosexual households will grow up to be gay is completely biased. In a study of over 300 children of homosexual parents, there have been no signs of any disturbances in the development of the child’s sexual identity, or the lifestyle that the child will live later in life. Most children raised by heterosexual couples are not raised in normal households, one reason is because of divorce becoming more and more popular; there are families with multiple kids and only one parent looking after them. Homosexuals want to have children but it’s hard because of the ban of gay marriage denying their basic human rights to get married. A child will be more affected being raised in a single parent household verses a child who is raised with 2 people, regardless of their gender.

Legalizing gay marriage will not harm heterosexual marriage. A study published on April 13, 2009 in Social Science Quarterly found that "permitting same-sex marriage have no effect on marriage, divorce, and abortion rates, on marriages consisting of both male and female.” Gay marriage does not destroy marriage, divorce destroys marriage. The divorce rate of gay couples is below 10% around the world, while the divorce rate for heterosexual couples is between 50-68% worldwide. In a marriage the most important thing is love. So if 2 people love each other, they should be able to get married. The definition of love, is: “Very strong affection: an intense feeling of tender affection and compassion.” If gay people feel this way then why shouldn’t they be able to be married? If they are happy with each other, they should be able to get married.

Homosexuals are no different than heterosexuals. People are hypocritical when it comes to gay marriages; there is no difference between a gay couple and a straight couple.