Persuasive Essay On Gay Marriage

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As time passes, the value of equality is being recognised and prioritised because we, as humans realise that no matter which race or gender we are born with, we are all equal. However, the statement we claim is still a dream that those who are suffering from discrimination in this 21st century fantasise.
This essay focuses on gay marriage legalisation - a solution to third gender’s equality.
Equality is now the aim of the human race. When people say that we, Asians have now been more “open-minded” about the issue of the third gender, they all admit that they understand it however it is still a disease or a sin or a crime which is a stereotype that still exists and seems impossible to be counteracted. With my personal experience, I once had
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It is one of the only countries that mostly stand upon the idea that gay marriage should be legalised. The ruling Communist are much more relaxed compared with other communism-based countries, however the truth that the government is not black-and-white and it is unlikely to go the whole way to legalise gay marriage is emphasised. Taken the fact that this country is leading towards the future to legalise gay marriage, our old educated leaders have a more “outdated” point of view, comparing to the trend of following the international concept of accepting homosexual. “Vietnamese government should not acknowledge the idea of gay marriage, but they are free to stay together as long as it doesn’t involve the law description. Taking in foreign culture is a good thing, but Vietnam has its own cultural tradition and rules.” – They said. But on the other side, in an international community in Vietnam with new generations, modern ideas and perspectives have created another path ways for gender equalities in Vietnam. A survey carried out with 8 people with education, different religions and all are mostly allowed to be globalised, is resulted with all support the gay marriage. All has the same idea of equality that it is the balance in rights and acceptance between any race and gender.