Gay Marriage and the Constitution Essays

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Gay Marriage and the Constitution
Amberlee Ozment
Axia College of University of Phoenix
Gay Marriage and the Constitution Is it okay to not believe in gay marriage, yet at the same time support the constitutional rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for homosexual couples? Even though most churches' beliefs conflict with marrying same-sex partners, government should not deny a person's right to their happiness; because any person, no matter race, color, sex, religion or sexual orientation, should be allowed to exercise their constitutional rights as Americans to pursue their happiness; and married gay couples should be able to have a spectrum of rights and benefits if their gay partnership is legalized.

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Another survey shows that knowing a homosexual does in fact have an impact on the view of whether or not gay relations should be legal. (Morales, 2009)

[pic] Having a gay friend would most likely increase the support for gay rights and marriage because of a compassion one would have for another. In general, people are afraid of the unfamiliar and unknown. When some people think of gay couples, they think of sexual innuendos and perversion. Gay relationships go far beyond the bedroom. The connection between two people, no matter their gender, can be undeniable. Legalizing same-sex marriage would create a crook with persons of the church who would be subjected to marry gays whether they wanted to or not because the legalization would cause a waterfall of clauses and laws to protect gays and their right to marry. Many churches are afraid if gay marriage is legalized, they will be forced to marry same-sex couples out of fear of being sued for discrimination. Separating the Church from the state would prove to be a fix-all solution to the deafening objection of the Church to marry gay couples. Conceding a legal document known as a civil union by the state instead of the Church would relieve any and all ministers of having to marry gay couples. (Eschen-Pipes, Fall 2004) Further, giving a civil union document would be the equivalent to a marriage certificate with the same rights as a