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This paper talks about racism and why and how people go about doing it. The paper also talks about the different types of racism. The chapter this paper is based on even went further by saying a person can be a racist without even noticing or knowing it. Some examples that were given are white privilege, ethnocentrism and stereotyping. After reading this chapter and what we learned about racism in class, I thought about some historic events that had to do with racism and my personal involvement and encounters with racism.
There have been many instances of racism in the United States over the years. One major example of racism was the “Ole Miss riot” in 1962. The Ole Miss riot of 1962was a riot between Southern segregationist civilians, governors and federal government of the United States. The political leaders of the state of Mississippi wanted the state’s university to be an all white university. They did not want any minority race to attending the state’s university. If a minority student {black} wanted to attend the university he or she was forced to enroll in a black university. But the federal government was total against and they wanted the segregation to be abolished. The federal government asked the state’s leaders to allow minority students to attend the university of Mississippi but, they refused. The Then governor of Mississippi Ross Barnnett promise to stop any minority from enrolling into the University even if it mean physically stop them.
Another example of racism The reading made me think about the first time we moved into our new house in Prospect Park. It was my parents, my three brothers and me. The environment was completely different from the environment we were use to. The neighborhood was beautiful with a lot of trees around, a neighbor park, very little stores, and very quiet. It was a nice neighborhood to raise a family because the school system is great, and crime was low. The neighborhood was full of white old people, and some white teenagers. We were the only black family to move there. The first day