Essay on Gay Rights

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Gay Rights
I have a very strong opinion on gay marriages, because most of my friends and family are homosexuals. A lot of people are fighting the courts because the courts are considering legalizing gay marriages. Because of religious opinions regarding gay marriage, the government is stopped from passing the issue even though it is a division between church and state. In 2011, President Obama has been undecided about legalizing gay marriages. Chief Justice Roberts states regarding Obama’s decision “the courage of his convictions” for continuing to enforce the marriage law even after concluding that it violated constitutional equal protection guarantees. (New York Times; article: For Obama, Tricky Balancing Act in Enforcing Defense of Marriage Act; 2011). Obama is still sticking to the laws based on heterosexual marriages because he is in fear of making new laws governing the subject in fear that he will lose public support. While separation of church and state is viewed as the first amendment, the first amendment allows citizens to practice any religion of their choice or not practice any religion at all, and also prevents the government from enforcing socialized choices in this matter. Churches around the United States are trying to enforce God’s law over the people’s freedom of choice. They want the government to base our laws from the bible. This is why the government enforced separation of church and state; so our laws weren’t based off of the Bible. Churches need to understand that the government enforced that amendment for a reason and it is to keep riots at bay. In California alone, 64,000 people from all 50 states and more than 20 other countries have given money to support or oppose a ban on same-sex “marriage”, reflecting interest in opposing the passing of the Proposition 8. (Christian Coalition; Help Fight Gay Marriage Campaign). Religious people from the United States and surrounding countries are giving money to support the movement of banning gay marriage unions. This article is supporting the fight against gay unions in California. My observation is why are other countries getting involved? Are there not enough religious problems in their own countries that they need be concerned with our issues in America? No sin is greater than another sin. Sin is sin in the eyes of God. So why is legalizing gay marriages the greatest sin when people are murdering babies on a daily basis by aborting their pregnancies? Also, maybe if they focus more on integrating religion back into the school systems, some over these other issues that they are so worried about would slightly subside.
Homosexuals simply just want to be recognized so they have the same opportunities as heterosexuals. I believe that separation of church and state is necessary for our government. Without it, we don’t have the free will to choose. And if churches fully read their bible and understood it, they