Gay Rights Essay

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Being “Gay” in America has always been a problem for many individuals in communities across the nation. There has been a constant debate on whether to grant them equal rights or to treat them as lesser members of society. A main issue with homosexual rights is discrimination in the workplace. Having a federal law to protect the gay citizens of a community, to make them feel comfortable to be themselves in their everyday, environments is still not in place. The gay communities in America are having to keep a whole part of their identity hidden, in fear of losing their livelihood. The Constitution of the United States of America has it written that we are all equal. It also states in the First Amendment that the separation of church and state is a requirement in the governing system to keep us equal. However, the federal laws set in place about discrimination are keeping the gay community a step below the rest by not including sexual orientation as an issue you can’t be fired for. Having no law in place means that gay, lesbian, and bisexual people are still living in fear of being discriminated against. The government is obligated to stop being influenced by anti-homosexual religious views and remember that the real issue is not pro or anti-homosexual opinions, but providing a better life for the general welfare.
Anti-discrimination laws cover practically all areas of public life. Ranging from race to disabilities to gender, all members of society seems to be included. The first anti-discrimination law set in place was passed in 1964. This guaranteed equality in a professional setting for those with different race, gender, religion, national origin, and color. Throughout the past decades America has come a long way since those basic categories. Equal pay has been set up for both genders. Age discrimination has come to a close. People with disabilities are free to apply for jobs. Genetic information has also become encompassed in this list as of 2008. However, homosexuals are still battling to be considered for a position in this laundry list of people. Not allowing gays and lesbians to be under the protection of the law is creating a contradiction in the system. Religion is seen to some as a choice, while to others it is a way of life. The same principle should be applied to homosexuals, therefore making it unconstitutional for them not to be included in these federal laws.
The First Amendment of the United States Constitution states that there is a need for the separation of church and state to keep up equal. Not including gays in the anti-discrimination laws is a flaw in the equality our system. However, proving this to the American Judicial System can be a difficult situation. Workers across the country have been fired for what is said to be “inharmonious personal relationships.” This is just a fancy way of stating a same sex relationship. In court case Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins (1989), Ann Hopkins was fired and not compensated for being a lesbian. Executives at Waterhouse heard rumors of her same sex relationship and decided they didn’t want that type of person representing the company. Not only are situations like this one economically damaging but cause a deep emotional damage too. However, cases