Gays: Homosexuality and Sex Marriage Essay

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Katra Muse
April 25, 2013
Critical Thinking
Dr. Hill
Gay Marriages Should be Legally Recognized Gay marriages are one of the most controversial issues in the modern world. For, the past thousand years, marriage has been recognized as a social union between a man and a woman which in America that is the standard and appropriate way, and that’s how it’s been for years. In most countries homosexuality is contempt and same sex marriage is forbidden. In certain areas of these foreign countries, same sex marriage will get you killed or disowned by your family, and friends. Gay marriages have built their rights around the concept of equality in America. This country was founded on the principle that all men were created equally, which means it is hypocritical to deny the rights of homosexuals, and it’s just as hypocritical to deny freedom to African Americans or deny woman the right to vote. I have several reasons why gay marriages should be legally recognized. One of the reasons is that same sex marriage couples should be granted the same financial and medical benefits just like heterosexual couples. For, example same sex couples have the right to a partner‘s insurance benefits, social security, Medicare, and property inheritance. As, well, without a legally recognized marriage, gay partners can’t be knowledge in the case of an emergency contact or prostration. Therefore, to the people who don’t like same sex marriage, denying the right of an equal marriage is serious form of minority discrimination. My next reason for gay marriages is these couples want to express their love for one another by having a marriage license. For, example everybody knows that a woman and a man kissing in public is ok, beautiful, young love, such a passionate thing, but majority of society see people of the same sex do such a thing its frown of the faces, nasty, disgusting, and not such a pleasant thing to see. Why is it that they cannot show their love for one another without being judge by society or stared at with funny looks? My last reason is freedom and protection for any gay marriages legally. The reason I say this because gays in certain states have the right to be free and be who they are but 41 other states denied gay marriages which was unfair to homosexuals around America. Therefore, people shouldn’t judge or disowned homosexual couples who are engaged with each other in any way, shape, or form. Straight couples have the right to make financial and medical decisions for each other while awaited. The significant other is in critical condition but the love one can’t help him or her because they don’t have the right to be their partner medical emergency contact. Just this particular situation is why gays should have rights. (Besides the 9 states that passed the law for gay marriages 41 other states dislike the face of having same sex marriage). Homosexual couples should have financial benefits just in case one gets sick and need as much medical treatment, attention, pills, or surgery, either way homosexual couples need as much medical attention also. Medical and benefits is what everybody needs and nobody should be denied medical service for their loved ones. Showing love and affection is part of any relationship, marriage, and friendship. As, we were taught affection is between two people who care about each other, either it’s a best friend, girlfriend, or spouse. Love is a unconditional feeling that you can’t describe to the significant other you encounter yourself with. Now, love and affection as we were taught were between a man and a woman, but have you ever wonder does the homosexual couple feel the same way? The answer of that question is yes. When it comes to love and affection there are no limits to how you feel towards a person. (Affection is just a stage towards love.) If two people love each other even if they’re the same sex let them show how they feel with a license of marriage. Freedom and Protection is for