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Management Roles and Responsibilities
Managers of a business are the key personal within an organization. These are the individuals in charge of the employees and staff, also the managers is the ones ultimately responsible for every person and all operations within.
Managers are responsible for profit of the organization along with controlling the loss within the organization. These factors include labor control, marketing, and many other duties. However one of the most important roles a manager must take charge of planning how the organization will be profitable and run efficiently.
According to O’Brien, Scott, and Gibbons (2013), even the middle manager must view and organize a strategy or a plan for the organization.
Businesses change and evolve constantly, thus it makes perfect since the “middle manager” or General Manager must develop a plan within their department or restaurant for example. Because many middle managers usually focus solely on growth of the business, it is easy to lose the processes which may have caused the failures to grow.
When a middle manager focuses on all aspects of the business, it becomes clear growth usually follows. This is because the middle manager needs to deal with all aspects of operations first hand. Regional managers or corporate managers believe this is handled by the middle managers or general manager. As O’Brien, Scott, and Gibbons (2013) explain, the middle manager must cope with operations such as, internal customer base, external customers, suppliers, products, services, along with marketing and costs of all operations as well.
The ole of a manager even flows into a coach or trainer as Abdullah, Baroto, Ismail, and Tat (2011) explain, managers are supervisors of training; therefore a manager is also a supervisor of support and communication.
As a manager there are more roles that must be played, however, if a manager has a strategic plan in place and uses critical thought while manifesting this plan, most issues would be ironed out prior to even occurring, thus, making it a smooth transition in a natural disaster hits, or if a competitor moves into the area.
Managers must have a strategic plan in affect; this plan is applied for the complete organization, where an organizational plan is directed in one department. However, if an organization is looking to refocus or to go global, a strategic plan would be necessary as it would essentially affect the company as a whole.
Managers perform different tasks; after having a matrix in place one of the critical tasks is the SWOT analysis. This is a tool to help managers recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the organization as well as the opportunities or threats. The manager must be familiar with the mission of the organization and have the ability to identify the goals necessary to accomplish the overall organizational needs. It is important for the stakeholders to be present in a formal meeting to