Essay on Give a Child Free Breakfast

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Nyemah Gore
EDCI 200
March 29, 2013
Dr. Nugent Article Review 2
“Give Every Child A Free Breakfast” By: John Wilson
March 5, 2013 7:30am “Give Every Child A Free Breakfast” was an article written by John Wilson to inform individuals about the way children are currently being served breakfast, how things need to change as and how certain schools impacted positively by taking consideration in giving children breakfast. Research shows that only 47% of children participate in both free and reduced lunch and breakfast. The three reasons to why children continue to miss free breakfast were because of late buses, embarrassment from peers, and social time trumping breakfast time. Wilson feels as though all these obstacles can be fixed so that children can participate in the breakfast program. Wilson also brings evidence from the Food Research and Action Center, which states that children who eat school nutritious breakfast are more likely not to become overweight, perform better on state standardized test and those schools have less tardiness and a decrease in disciplinary actions. Overall the author was making the point that with the evidence on how the universal breakfast program has had a positive effect on children and schools already more people should speak up about and seek out that all schools are able to benefit as well.
In my personal opinion I agree strongly with John Wilson. In my own public school career I have been a victim of that percent of children