Glass Menagerie Essay

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In Tennessee Williams’ ,“The Glass Menagerie,” there are relationships between the three main characters. The relationship between Tom and Laura is a typical brother sister relationship. They both get along and are nice to each other, but at the same time have their fighting moments. When Tom and Laura are bickering back and forth about their mother when she is talking about he seventeen gentlemen callers it really shows their true relationship as brother and sister. Laura says, “Yes. But let her tell it again”(7). When she says this Tom wants to make her mother stop talking but Laura is just telling him to let her go with it and just have her moment. This shows they are close and get along very well even when they are arguing. The next relationship is between Tom and Amanda, his mother. Tom and Amanda’s relationship is very difficult. They do not get along very well. Tom gets annoyed with his mother and the way she acts sometimes. Tom and Amanda get in an argument about his role in the family. Tom finally says, “I don’t want to hear anymore”(22). This shows his frustration from his mother getting to him. He eventually leaves the house and goes to the movies to calm himself and be alone. Tom and his mother’s relationship truly is a struggle that needs to get worked out between the two of them. The relationship between Amanda and her daughter, Laura, is very different. Amanda tries to live through her daughter’s youth. The one thing