Glbt: Gender and Women Essay

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Women I believe have been through a lot. They have been through having no rights, to fighting for their rights and getting discriminated. Before the 1900’s women didn’t have any rights. They weren’t allowed to vote, work or have an education and till this point in time some people still think the same, that women should be the one staying at home making food for the men and taking care of the children and the household chores. Many women didn’t want to be housewives, women wanted to do more such as work and a get educated and equality. Women wanted to have equally rights and when they finally accomplished what they wanted which was to have the same rights as much like work, men did and tried their best to make the women regret their decision. A great example of this would be men harassing the women until they quit their job. Women weren’t going to let that stop them from having there equal rights, women fought for their rights and that’s how it stayed. Many women believe that they should have equal rights and they accomplished that.
Now in this century it is different. Now it’s the women who support the men. Women now support and provided for their family and some men just stay as being a stay home dad. Women also make more money than men. We have better opportunities and some women are bosses, managers, store owners and some that also work for the government. Women until this day get discriminated but not as much as how they used to in the early times. Now women have the opportunity to study and have an education and work and not get discriminated. Some women are more independent than men. According to the Merriam Webster masculinity is the qualities appropriate to or usually associated by a man. Femininity is the quality or nature of the female sex. A great example of masculinity would be when men think they have the upper hand meaning there superior to women. When men believe they are the ones who take care of the family and protect them and provided for them. A great example of femininity would be that they were made to be housewives, to serve the husband, do the chores and to take care of the children. Making sure the house was clean and food was ready for the men when they came out of work. We can say that its very different in our society. Some men choose to be a stay a home dad and take care of the children and do dinner. Some women work and provided for the men, and sometimes women have that high paying job that men want. Throughout the years GLBT have been judged and discriminated. Many people didn’t want to accept their sexual orientation. Many people believe that people who like the same sex as them was appropriate and also it wasn’t in religious group. Many follow the