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Essay 1# karl marx
Karl marx was born may 15 1818-14 march 1883) was german soiclaogist economist historian revlunarty jeroulnalist .Considered one of the greateast economists in history.He published many book such as communist manifesto and which is very highly and popular know book.H e was born into a wealthy middle class family.At young age to as he matured he was still in interested in writing and engaged in it.And he began writing and took some intrest in communism.

Kalr marx was considered greatest thinker of the melnium and was considred very intelligent he was know also to be influential on many cultures socities and beliefs on others.He was intelligent both in polotics and intellectual thoughts.marx thoughts have influcenced to many studies such as anthropology philosophy or archeilogoy .and infulecneced many other took think of him great and took look at him good that’s why there saw many bigraphys and memeorials of him all over the world.
There was on thing that he wrote which is know over the world and still know which is the communist manifesto which was published b him and a friend which dealt with there thoughts and therois of nature and science.In that he has many sections which talks about many part of economy such as capitalism.another section states of how communist are and there unfairnesss and thoughts.And oother sparts of working classes and parts about the communists.
The book of communist manifesto was saw powerful that it was published in many countries and trsnalted and had effected comnism and amercans thought of it and was first published in the united states which saws its powerful effect.
In the end karl marx shows thw wisdom he bought to the world and philosophy which effected and inspired many people and is to be rememebered even still on today.

Essay #2 john locke

John locke was a philosihpher and great thinker and was one of the best enlightmnet thinkers.hes work was a great impact on social philosiophy.John locke was a very good thinker and had good reasoning and thought of the mind.He was praised and considered highly of by many man including Thomas jeffreson and other still of today. He has written many theories and stories which are popular still know and some used in some way as in today’s times.
One of john locks most famous theory is one about political theory that’s human nature is characterized by human nature reason and tolerance. Meaning in which also if the government doesn’t follow in what they believe in they can be overthrown. Cause if a government cant obey its rules it wouldn’t be fare for everyone else to obey them it wouldn’t be equal. He also developed the most famous saying life liberty and also to the pursuit of happiness. Locke also help develop the idea of a civil society and the separation and the differences of the peoples powers.
John locke help had many influences and influenced people to help themselves to change there government and there way of life of how they lived. He was also praised and considered a role model to one of the most famous founding fathers