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Hunger and poverty become a serious topic for people and now they attract more and more people’s attention.It’s reported that more than one billion people in the world are hungry and approximately 16,000 children died from hunger every day .People are trying to find the solved method to eradicate poverty .However, people often think it’s impossible for them to end the hunger thoroughly and they don’t have enough capability to do that.Actually, it’s wrong mind. Every people in the world can do that .Each action can be a big favor for the people who suffer from hunger.As long as everyone have a loving heart,dream could be succeed .Individuals can do everything that directly or indirectly effects the state of hunger in the world. It’s the first thing for us to know about the causes of the hunger so that we can suit the remedy to the case. Poverty is the principal cause of the hunger.Almost people who are hungry don’t have steady economic income and jobs.The extremely unequal income distribution causes hunger explode naturally.The government also have certain responsibility for hunger.They eliminate the people who are not able to work.Unemployed people become more and more as a result of the people are poor. In addition,natural disasters also are the cause of the hunger such as climate changes can cause that the farmer can’t carry out the planned schedule.People don’t know how to arrange the accurate time to seed.Africa is an example of this.If

people learn more about the hunger, then they would take action to help the poor people because they can influenced by these events.More and more will join this group that aims to eradicate the poverty.Human being’s mind obtain improvement. “ Little things are big” by Jesus Colon tells us that we can do all things to help the poor people even to the little things.Even though we are common people and can’t do pretty wonderful thing,we still can do more useful thing that becomes the central key for solving this problem.We can write a letter or send Email to the leader of the government .The government has power and money to do that and we have our responsibility to censor them work for the whole people in the country.This step can help the government know more about the situation of the hunger people.Then the hunger people have hope to be rich.Because of the disparity between the cities and countrysides ,the problem becomes exacerbating little by little.The purpose of writing to the government is calling people to support our ideas and calm down the riot.People need more helpers to expand their group so that the state of hunger can be diminished little by little.People should contribute their whole heart to finish the impossible task.A letter could be a key for helping the people. People also can donate the useless things and objects to the poor districts and people.They can collect the clothes and food for them.They can send bread to

the people who are suffering from hunger.They shouldn’t buy the unnecessary or worthless things for them.People should consider for the the market suffice and require.They can raise money for the meager areas and donate all to the people who are hungry.People are influent easily so that the action continues keeping all the time until the hunger disappears entirely. The hunger can directly control by this step and attain good effective.This is a step that can alleviate the loan of the government. Knowledge is a power. The world has a lot of hunger because they don’t receive the education and their brain are conventional so that their knowledge level are low and they are encumbered by tradition.We can often go to the poor areas to teach the children.They could go to donate their useless books to them.Propaganda is a good way to spread the knowledge and this also can help the government diminish the difference between city and country and this is relevant to the balance of the world. This step directly