Global Warming: Causes and Effects Essay

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Global warming
Global warming is the name given to rise in the average temperature of earth atmosphere and oceans. Since pre industrial times, the average temperate of the earth had gone up by 0.8 degree C. There is a consensus among the scientists that the temperate of the earth is increasing constantly. Over 95% of the scientists agree that the increase in the temperate of earth is due to increased anthropogenic actives. Increased anthropogenic activity has resulted in increase in greenhouse gases. These gases absorb heat and then later release it. For example CO2, methane and water vapor. This has resulted in warming of earth surface. Greenhouse gases are released from factories, vehicles which run through petrol and diesel, cutting of trees and contractions of road and buildings (IEA 2009).
Increase in sea level is attributed to malting of ice sheets and glaciers. Due to increasing temperate of the earth ice cover near the poles is melting at a very fast rate. This has caused the sea level to rise. Therefore, the coastal cities and islands are under threat of being of sub merged under water. “ As with glaciers and the ice caps, increased heat is causing the massive ice sheets that cover Greenland and Antarctica to melt at an accelerated pace. Scientists also believe melt water from above and seawater from below is seeping beneath Greenland's and West Antarctica's ice sheets, effectively lubricating ice streams and causing them to move more quickly into the sea. Moreover, higher sea temperatures are causing the massive ice shelves that extend out from Antarctica to melt from below, weaken, and break off” (Lutal, 2012).
(NASA) Some impacts from increasing temperatures are already happening if solutions are not properly managed than long term effect of could be very dangerous such as Sea levels will rise between 7 and 23 inches by the end of the century, Hurricanes and storms likely to become stronger, Species that depend on one another may die, more chance of Floods and droughts, Less fresh water will be available. It will effect to Ecosystems.
Winter seasons are getting warmer and summertime are getting warmer. The ice hats are reducing. As international climate styles modify stormy weather of all types are becoming more regular and aggressive. Many researchers say that it is a dream concocted by alarmists. The world regularly goes through climate stages, just a simple readjustment and nothing to anxiety about at all. However, for every professional that declares climatic modify is a misconception, another professional can be discovered to condition that it is a truth. Weather styles are modifying, the reducing of the ice hats and ice cubes are a truth and the assault of stormy weather heretofore unidentified cannot be declined.

However, (Hansen 2000) claims precise climate forecasts a few days in advance are hard to come by. Environment prediction is essentially different from climate prediction, just as climate conditions are different from climate. It is often more difficult to make an precise climate prediction than a location prediction. The precision of climate predicting is seriously dependent upon being able to exactly and extensively define the present state of the international environment. Environment prediction relies on other, longer ranging factors. The present climate designs can now recreate the observed international regular environments over the past millennium and beyond. Such results have strengthened scientist’s confidence in the capacity of designs to produce reliable forecasts of future climate.

In addition, (Naomi 2004) the water steam barriers more heat than CO2, because of the relationships among CO2, the water steam and climate, to fight climatic change countries must focus on controlling CO2. Environmental stages of CO2 are identified by how much fossil fuel, organic gas and oil we burn and how many plants we cut down, as well as by organic processes like plant growth. Environmental