Global Warming Research Paper

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Walter Barraza
Dr. Short
English 1302 Global Warming

Global warming is happening as at this very moment some believe that it’s a direct factor from human actions while others believe it’s a natural occurring process. Its effects can already be seen worldwide from the oceans to the rainforests, but mankind has taken little to no precautions to prevent this global catastrophe. Everyone can do their part but to combat a global threat the world needs to unite as a whole to have any chance of success.

The world is changing for the worse, climate is increasing and with this brings many problems for the world. For example the oceans one of mankind’s greatest resource used to transport goods and provide food for billions around the world, is being affected drastically by the changes in climate. With warmer weather comes higher acidity levels, this in turn affects the biodiversity of many types of creatures that inhabit it. It has effects on the diminishing population of fish and coral and an increase in what is called “dead zones” which have been multiplying in recent years. Dead zones can best be described as large portions of the ocean that have no or very little marine life, besides bacteria that thrive in the acidic environment (Newsweek, Global). The Baltic ocean once fed most of northern Europe with its abundance in fish is now mostly a dead zone and many fear it is already beyond recovery. More of the world’s oceans are soon to follow if the human race doesn’t not rise up to the occasion.

The reason nothing is getting done about this crisis is that many scientist can’t agree if global warming is happening from human actions or if it’s a natural process. That side of the scientific community argues that throughout human history man made carbon dioxide has only contributed about 0.00022% from that of the mantle of the earth during geological history (Reese, Martin). Scientist also argue that there have been warmer periods which came about 800 years before the rising carbon levels (Human Events). Although this statement is true scientists also know that while these climate changes occurred there were also mass extinctions that followed all throughout earth’s history. For billions of years earth has had different climates from the frigid temperatures during the ice age to a warm volcanic earth. All these temperatures have risen and fallen all without human activity to provoke it. Therefore many argue that this is just a natural state the earth is going through. Some even go as far as to say that many of the scientists that believe that humans are responsible for climate change have exaggerated all their research. For example scientists say that the earth will warm about 11 degrees over the next century or so. This is a very loose study since the scientists that make this claim are missing a few key components in their research. Many of the global warming skeptics claim that carbon dioxide is actually good for the plants and trees of the world instead of a pollutant. Plants and trees need carbon in order for it to grow and thrive. Scientists have evidence that there has been far more of this pollutant in earth’s history than what is currently in the air by human actions. A main point that opposers to the global warming theory make is that global warming is not in fact really global but more regional change in weather patterns. Weather will continue to change from region to region and that life will always learn to adapt. The world does not take global warming seriously since many have not seen the effects first hand. There are many who say how can the world be heating up if my yard is covered in several feet of snow? The thing about global warming is that it’s more for the long term effects not short term. In an extreme case the earth will warm around 11 degrees but for the most part many agree it will be anywhere from 2 to 7 degrees but still not 100 percent accurate(Reese, Martin). Science proves that during earth’s