God and Olympus Essay

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Olympus is fantasized as a heavenly place where the Earth is ruled by a godly armada of entities who each control different elements and emotions. I’ve been to this amazing and very extraordinary place. It’s filled with different gods who each rule their own category, such as love, heaven and even the Underworld. First there is Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Her skin is said to be the most cottony feeling you will ever feel in your existence. Her eyes gleam and make you fall in love instantly from their complexity and beauty. There is also Hades, which is not the most genuine of gods but he serves a purpose. He has a horned helmet which shades his evil eyes and a long black robe made of steel so nothing can penetrate it. Finally, there is Zeus, the god of heaven. He wears a white robe which covers one shoulder and glows with a white aura that shows his bulky body frame. On the other hand, Olympus is filled with huge stadiums and coliseums with humongous white pillars with textures rough enough that they look capable of slicing your finger right off; plus they reach so high they pierce the white puffy swirling clouds of softness that hover above them. Olympus is definitely a world that never changes. There’s a sharp, aromatic and sweet smell flowing through the air, every area has the same smell, expect the royal garden, which is perfumed from all of the exotic and extremely rare flowers. Olympus is what it was said to be, a heavenly place where everything is beautiful. But, like every place, there are inner secrets and trials which make you eligible to be a visitor.
Upon my arrival, I was greeted by Zeus. His scratchy voice roared throughout the sky “Welcome newcomer, your presence is welcome, but trials must be completed to prepare you for Olympus.” To my excitement, he appeared in front of me; I bowed to him and spoke to him. My voice whined as I was scared to meet his acquaintance. “I shall do as you ask, but beware my skills are inferior compared to those of your peers.” Zeus was appalled with my discomfort and his throat rumbled as he let out a hearty laugh. Shortly after, I was brought to a Coliseum, where I was put through vigorous training sessions involving many obstacles. Some of which were able to kill a normal human being, but in Olympus you were immortal. Allowing you of course, to stand back on your feet and continue training. One session involved swinging flaming axes; you could literally feel the heat emitted by the axes touching your face