Goffman Why Me Analysis

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The “why me” question fills individuals lives since individuals lack the knowledge about the world and people are the way they are. Individuals do not know why them. Why are some people born into affluent families while others are born in poorer families? Why are some people better at math then others? Why does someone have the life they do. Interestingly, except for this idea of being born into a certain life, “why me” normally has this negative connotations. Individuals think “why me” when they loss their job, their car breaks down in the pouring rain, or a tree falls on their house. “Why me” is never is asked when someone wins the lottery, luck is normally the response to situations like that. This question is very complicated as it tries …show more content…
First off, Goffman’s theory is dramaturgy, which states that everyone is an actor, who perform on a stage which parallels life. Goffman argues that all individuals have fronts, or versions of themselves that helps them deal with social interactions. These fronts cause individuals not to have selfs because people will have different fronts in front of their parents and friends. Goffman describes personal fronts as, “to refer to the other items of expressive equipment, the items that we most intimately identify with the performer himself and that we naturally expect with follow the performer wherever he goes” (Goffman 2012: 487). These fronts are based on manners, how individuals act, and appearance, how they dress which both help if they are able to play the role correctly. So my big problem with the ‘why me’ question is that how can people ask this, celebrate it, or anything if in reality they do not have a self. Do they celebrate the way they interact with their parents, or their fraternity brothers? I believe that ‘why me’ exists because on the soul purpose because we are ignorant to the world and need to create another version of a front to be able to think that free will exists. Clearly, I am a determinist and I do not think that they who part with fate and fortune has the capability of impacting individuals if there is a lack of self. We are molded by society to such an extent that we lose free will and the ability to ask ‘why me’ because our lives have been determined by everything that has happened beforehand. I know it is depressing, but even with the Myth of Er, where we choose and forget it’s just like telling us that the world is determined. Nothing is really our choice, but was it really the soul’s choice for who they picked either? As for fate, fortune, and chance the idea of the self is that society influences individuals to believe in these factors so that they can