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Yes I totally agree with Sarah. Health is a difficult term to define. Health can be define in many different ways. Health means different things to different people, depending on the situation. My understanding of health is being free illness, not being injured, in good condition, someone's well-being, and fitness. Health can also be define by somoene's physical and mental condition. The condition of being sound in body, mind, and spirit. Health can mean good or bad. You have good health and bad health . Many people consider themselves healthy if they are free of disease or disability. However, people who have a disease or disability may also see themselves as being in good health if they are able to manage their condition so that it does not impact greatly on their quality of life. There is also spiritual health which health can be positively impacted by high levels of spiritual health. Like, If someone experiencing a life- changing event may deal with their situation in a more positive manner if their levels of spiritual health are high. The words "health" or "healthy" can also be used in a non-medical contexts. Health is a word that can be define in so many ways, and hard to define.

The teammate that would be hardest to coach on good health would be Blake. Blake would be the hardest teammate to coach on good health because he does not have good health. Blake stated that he need to lose some baby fat. Blake needs to understand that eating Big Buddy’s burgers will…