Essay on Google Case Study

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1. How does the changing environment for business affect Google’s ability to communicate in this situation? The changing environment for business affects Google’s ability to communicate because everything is available on the internet now. Google said themselves that they hope to “provide the greatest access of information to the greatest number of people” (Argenti, 2009, p.22). Anything and everything that Google does or says in any situation is available for anyone to see. The very product that they are providing can also help or hinder them. If people in the United States and Europe did not have access to Google’s business records online, then they would never know about Google censoring in China. If they did not know, then groups …show more content…
Meanwhile, all of this is made public for any person with access to the internet to read about it. It makes Google seem like a weak company that will flip flop their own issues. “Companies must adapt to the changing environment without changing what they stand for or compromising their principles” (Argenti, 2009, p.12). It seemed like Google had a strong handle on their principles when they refused to turn over user’s records to help the United States government, but then when push came to shove they comprised their viewpoint on not censoring so that they could enter a very profitable market. Another problem that Google faces is being able to maintain a working relationship with the Chinese government. The Chinese government said, “We are uncompromisingly opposed to the politicization of commercial issues and express our discontent and indignation to Google for its unreasonable accusation and conducts” (Evans, 2010). It appears that Google is taking a stance due to the fact that they believe the Chinese government broke the rules of their agreement and hacked some of their accounts. To get around this Google is now having the users search for what they want and then have the option to go to Google Hong Kong to view the information that has been censored. The problem that Google is going to face with this is if the Chinese government bans Google Hong Kong (Evans, 2010). Google is going to