Google Case Study Essay

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March 21, 2012
Google is well known to everyone. No matter if you are young or not so young, computer savvy or not, Google’s name will undoubtedly pop up in when discussing computers. Google continues to grow swiftly every day. It began in 1996 with the meeting of Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford. Larry, who was 22 at the time had graduated from University of Michigan and was considering attending Stanford. Sergey, who was 21, was assigned the task of showing Larry around and although it has been said that they failed to agree on most everything they became firm friends.
Larry and Sergey who were both computer science grad students found they had much in common and started developing a search engine named
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Google’s competitive strategy for 2010, include dominating internet advertising as well as becoming the number one search engine all over the world. Part of Google’s strategic plans is to increase their smartphone market. Google believes that mobile devices are rapidly becoming the world’s gateway to information, and they are committed to developing the technology so their products can be utilized on these small computing tools. Many people use their mobile phone as the primary or only way of accessing the web, so Google believes that designing their products for mobile accessibility plays an important part of providing access to information to more people across the world.
Google also has its sights set on the television market for 2010. Google would be in a position to sell subscriptions to paid TV channels and sell advertisement on those channels as well. Video-on-demand services could be moved to the streaming-video internet side, instead of the conventional cable TV business model. Google is always searching the next great invention, the next technique to make things you never thought could be improved or simplified, better or easier to use. The average query receives a response in roughly one-fourth of a second. Speed is a major search priority.
Google also has aspirations to control the desktop. Google