Swot Analysis Of Google

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Overview: Background and History * Founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998 * Started out as algorithm idea at Stanford University * Raised $1 million from angel investors * 1999- Idea into a Company * Moved headquarters to Mountain View California; dubbed “Googleplex” * 2000- Partnered with Yahoo and AOL * Responding to 100 million searches a day * Introduced AdWords, advertising program * Enabled Google to make money * 2001- Google is profitable * 2002- Generated $440 million in revenue * 2005- Share price at $414 * Giving Google $123 billion equity market value * 2004-2005- Google grows though innovations and additions to company: * Google …show more content…
Innovation is an important element that a company must possess to keep it from falling behind. Connoting to find better and faster ways of getting information to consumers has to be the main focus for all those involved in making Google the number one search engine.

Organizational Strategies Google’s search engine is the core of its business- accounts for 91% of their revenue and estimated 99% of profit- they account for 64% of all searches on the internet.
Google’s search dominance can be attributed to its billions of dollars invested on its web-based infrastructure.
Google makes its money from advertising- however as so many other sites become more and more popular- the advertisers tend to follow the latest trends.
They have tried acquiring companies to help gain more online market share. You-tube (1.6 billion Oct. ‘06), DoubleClick (ad network 3.1 billion April ‘07)
Annual revenues by Google are 23 billion
Google’s new product- the Android operating system for smart-phones is successful but doesn’t account for much revenue.
Web is now trending more toward mobile and social networking.
The company's recent acquisitions and product launches fall into four main avenues of business: the mobile Internet (Android, AdMob), display advertising (splashier, graphics-heavy ads with DoubleClick), YouTube and video, and applications.
A fifth area, social networking, is likely to be a big push for Google and