Google Maps and Mapping Application Essay

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Google Maps Has anyone explored a new place that you just arrived in without knowing any directions, or tried to go around without having any idea about how to reach the destination? Well, for such a situation like that we can use a web mapping application – Google Maps. Whenever and wherever one needs to go around a new place there is absolutely no use need to take out a long sheet of folding map at every road end and start looking with a puzzled face. With mobile phones and technological instruments everywhere, one can use Google maps- a smart global mapping application that which serves as a comprehensive resource to view maps around the globe, guides user to finding direction, updates weather forecasts, hints traffic around the location and acts as a great marketing tool to promote business in desired market segments.
Google maps are a smart app for tourists, bikers, pedestrians, and for users seeking navigation. They provide directions on how to reach specific location by analyzing the best route from the set current location . Just by entering the destination, the user can reach the location by utilizing features such as voice navigation or video display ,and clearly picture the street views and land marks. In addition, this app even calculates the distance and time required to reach the desired location. For example, I was able to use Google maps on the first day of my schooling from my home to the university; all I did was to give my university address as the destination place and the mode of transport I am going to take. The directions and information on what bus I got to take displayed right away and made my travel easier. Google Maps served as a great tool providing lucid directions. In conclusion, this well designed Google mapping application is the explicit tool in leading the users to reach the desired destination and also to explore to new and exciting places. Google maps is a great tool that offers weather forecasts around the locations. According to the article written by John Rebeiro, this weather forecasting feature launched in Google maps recently is bought with the arrangement from and U.S naval research laboratory. Now the user can check the weather and plan the day. In addition, these weather updates also helps a person in deciding what to wear. For instance, a rainy weekend indicated by this app helps a person planning for indoor activities and carry an umbrella while leaving his/her home.
In conclusion, this feature can help in planning our daily activities.
Google maps interestingly provide traffic updates, one more innovative feature it introduced to the web mapping. According to the article written by John Machay, Google provides real time traffic information to its customers and helps from getting stuck traffic congestion .Also traffic updates even guide the user to take a different route to avoid the congestion and save time. In conclusion, this fantastic application featuring traffic updates acts as a great planner, and saves time.
Most importantly Google maps are not only for people who need directions but a great application in promoting one’s business. From small to large businesses one can advertise on the maps and target more