Government: Federal Government of the United States and Social Media Sites Essay

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Should the government monitor social media There are multiple things the government monitors in our society, from cell phones when your texting or calling. To TV shows that you watch or the radio that you listen to. These are all things that can be monitored by the U.S. government, but why does the government only pay a small part of there attention to electronics? Why is most of their attention put on social media sites? Meaning everything on the web Is able to be seen by government officials 24 hours a day. They are able to monitor social media sites like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter, from a Youtube video that you post or a Facebook picture that you upload or a Tweet that you make on Twitter. They can all be MONITORED. They are not necessarily read because legal documents are needed but they are all stored. Which mean the government officials can go back and see any and everything. Although since they can do this, the real question is, is it right? Is it right that the U.S. can do this in multiple countries? Yahoo says “Before, and especially after 9/11, the government has made it their mission to invade the privacy of its people. Some don't like to hear that and dismiss the notion, but ignorance is bliss they say. Far too many people in this country are giving nothing but lip service as to what they can do about the ills of this society, but the fact of the matter is that very few have the courage to take a stand against the rapidly approaching socialist government that is taking this country without firing one shot”. Meaning the people in American think that it is unfair that the government has the power to spy on them whenever they want. In my opinion I think that it is…