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Portfolio Reviewers
Dear Portfolio Reviewer
I am writing this letter to describe problems that i have had over the past 2 weeks with my portfolio. At first I had many problems with my portflio but over the weekens I strated to get better at it. My story was about fear but not any fear like ghost storys. I wanted to right about something that a lot of people haven't experience in life. So i ask my dad an he told me a stroy that happen to him. It was really good so i gave it the title A Dream that was Never realize.
The stroy was raelly hard to mark I did somemany wrong things. For example had to do it in a five paragraph essay. When I first made my essay I was suppose to right five prargraph but i did three. And not only that but I put my name the date in the wrong place. And on top of that i did not even put any topic on my first paragraph. And i even missed spelled a lot of the words in my paragraph. I was like how can a person make so many mistakes In a five paragraph essay. So what I did is I did it again but looking at the old one. And fixng all the mistakes I did on a new piece of paper. So after that I gave the five paragraph essay to the teacher. And again I did a lot of wrong spelling. I did it again in another new piece of paper but this time looking at both of the old essay's that i did and fixing everthing on the new one. What I was most foces on was the topic and my spelling. So what I did is i ghange some of the sentences in my secound paragraph and put more topic on it.
When i gave the teacher the four paragraph essayI felt pertty good