Graphic Design Essay

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Visual communication is the transformation of thoughts and ideas into pictures, photos, graphs and drawings. It is considered as the most interesting and fascinating form of communication because of the creativity it contains and the vision it requires. According to Wikipedia, visual communication is most commonly used daily when surfing the internet because a person uses his eyes to view the websites therefore the content of the website should be clear and understandable for the viewer’s eyes. It is usually practiced by using the means of graphic design in order to put across their ideas into pictures or real life projects. This paper will talk about Graphic design, Graphic Designers, the steps a person needs to take to become a graphic …show more content…
In addition, these jobs require attention to detail, problem solving skills, and an up to date knowledge of using new design software.

As for graphic designers in the United Arab Emirates, they are mostly local women who aspire to play an important role in the development in their country and hope to offer back just a part of what their country offered them as of education and job opportunities. I interviewed a small number of Zayed University Graphic design students, who are exceptionally enjoying their courses and university experience, partly because of the encouraging and artistic environment that surrounds them from teachers, colleagues and administrators. A graduated student commented on her own work “after accomplishing your design and perfecting it, you get a great sense of satisfaction and contentment from within.” (AlSiri,F.)She also talked about how her family are exceedingly supportive to her studies and designs and continuously try to help her improve her designs and outcomes. The majority of the students agreed that their university is tremendously encouraging and that their teachers are always enthusiastic about their work and designs and are continuously motivating them to work harder and achieve higher positions. They also praised the encouragement and support of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Al-Maktoum for the female students who are trying their best to fulfill their dreams and