Great Britain New WW1 Treaty Essay

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To further the decorous progression of the human condition in Europe; we, as a symbiotic collection of factions, must swear to quell our primal urges of bloodlust and establish a period of peace, in such a manner that permits the armistice in a just and honorable fashion, being that it is necessary to accomplish this task in such a manner that will be able to placate the sovereign state and its people, Great Britain, the greatest and most benevolent people amongst Europe, extend an olive branch ,in the hope to insure safety and asylum for the posterity of the masses of great Britain and that of the other European authorities, to the adversaries of the Great War.
The armistice will be accepted upon the acceptance of each desideratum, which has been derived in diplomatic manner, as to preserve the interests of each Sovereign Parties that are present.
The expansive nation of Great Britain requires more land to be available to her people, a people who earned the right to gain the lands of the unfortunate; being that the fought for this right and need of new lands to enterprize, will exact a portion of the colonies, that are able to provide profitable services, such colonies are positioned in the East Indies and Africa, from the defeated parties present. To reacquire the prestige of forces, which were inhumanely eradicated by the people’s antagonist, and to provide compensation, as it is required bestow capital to those who have sacrificed their lives in hopes to protect their loved ones, the administration of Great Britain charge the defeated with this monetary cost of five billion British pounds, a payment derived from justice to secure the safety of the British military, which will be distributed to the the people of Britain.
The Great War, which was costly in the manner of resources, has depleted the reserves of the of iron, coal,