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Examine Gatsby and Daisy’s relationship from the beginning to the end it genuine or true love?
Throughout the book the love of Gatsby and Daisy could be considered somewhat bizarre this can be deciphered through many events that take place throughout the book. One of the two things that Gatsby and Daisy share in common is that they both aspire to be with the perfect being however there perception of perfect is rather shallow, they seem to have a materialistic view on love being that it will only suit them is they get exactly what they want for example Gatsby’s interest in Daisy seems to stem from the idea of her wealth “ her voice is full of money” this is further driven forward by Gatsby desire to have everything that is out of his reach this also relates to his wish to come from old money, this trait is also clearly possessed by Daisy as well because she clearly doesn’t desire to be with Tom because of his personality as she is well aware of his infidelity furthermore Toms wealth is obviously one of the things that attracts Daisy to him as well as the sense of security she gets from it also. It is ironic that Gatsby’s admiration of Daisy is similar to that of Daisy’s admiration for Tom is it largely comes down to wealth.
Gatsby pursuit of Daisy seems to be relentless as everything he does every action seems to be linked to his grand scheme which Gatsby seems determined to try till the end and inevitably he does. An example of Gatsby’s devotion to Daisy is that his friendship with Nick seems to flourish when Gatsby learns he is Daisy’s cousin which implies he was using Nick to get to Daisy. His pursuit of Daisy could mean that he truly loves her and really believes he could make it work an alternative interpretation of this would be that Gatsby is only after Daisy because he can’t have her. One event that does express Gatsby’s love for Daisy and does implies that is I true is when he protects Daisy at the end of the book by taking the blame for myrtles death this is one of Gatsby’s only actions that really do suggest he truly loved Daisy coinciding to him waiting outside till Daisy goes to bed “I want to wait here till Daisy goes to bed” . I also believe that Gatsby is in love with the Daisy from the past and seems to think that they can just pick up from where they left off and Daisy wont have changed even seems to not acknowledge the fact she has a daughter "Afterward he kept looking at the child in surprise. I don't think he had ever really believed in it's existence before". I believe that Gatsby’s love for Daisy may have initially be true and pure however through his obsession greed and slight insanity his love is twisted and warped into believing that she will always love him and she doesn’t really have anyone else as he fails to why she would be with anyone else, this wouldn’t be the actions of someone who truly loved someone they would be happy if the person they loved was happy.
I believe that daisy is not the innocent person that she tries to put across . I believe that daisy never really truly loved Gatsby even from the beginning Gatsby had to lie to her about his background before she believed he was worthy of her, another reason that caused me to believe that daisy never truly loved Gatsby is when she is reunited with him she seemed so pleased with his wealth to the extent that she cry’s into his