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Evangelene Montgomery
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David Dorjath
November 3 2013

What is the Principal of Management? Is it a procedure more like checkers, where you jump over red (employee) and then black (manager)? Or is it more like a chess game where you have to strategically move your pieces (team). Now, you cannot jump around like checkers. One has to know what each piece (member) is capable of doing. Their functions, weakness and their strength. Management principals can be looked at by both games, chess and checkers. But, which game have the home field advantage in order to obtain the goal.

Management can be divided up in having some technical skills, human skills and conceptual skills. They may involve directing, controlling and planning. There are many types of styles a manager/leader can use, authorative, democratic and participative to name a few. What makes a person a good manager or leader? No one is perfect, but a good manager or leader should know his/her product, company and the players (team). He/she should know where to place them and what they are capable of doing in their work area. And to know the work the manager/leader needs done. Also what needs to be accomplish in their mission goals. Next the manager/leader has to look at one self to figure out what type of manager they need to be in order to accomplish the goals for the company. He/she needs to have develop great communication skills in order to talk well with the staff and give out directives. So, the team/staff have a better understanding of what is expected of them. For example: I witness a situation where the manager just expected his employee’s to do their daily task. The procedures had change where new work was added on. New assignments was just given to the employee’s along with their daily work load. Un be known to the manager the employee’s had problems adjusting to this new down fall. It was hard for them to juggle the new work load along with their regular task. The employee’s were calling in sick, leaving work early and taking a lot of days off work due to stress on the job. Production was also not meeting their regular standards. Had the manager took more time to get up from behind the desk and communicated more with the employee’s. He would had been able to forecast what was coming and did some preventive measures. According to a Forbes article a great manager do not do management, he/she embody it. One would just take on the form as a manager, they would not even think about it. He/she would just embrace it. A great manager would limit their accessibility when the employee abuse it. But, they should always make themselves accessible and strive to uphold it. A great manager never mistreat his staff in a group setting (or other wise). An insecure manager derive a sense of control from showing people that no one is beyond being stepped on. They think this is a sign of strength, when it is a sign of weakness. A great manager will celebrate achievements and congratulate daily success. They know that big achievements and daily successes are opportunities and they don’t let them pass by un notice. A great manager always refer back to their experience before making a decision. They rely on their rich repository of personal experience. Including mistakes and failures. When ever they make a decision tat affect others. A great manager do not care about being known as great, they care about being known as a great contributors. They look for ways to contribute more of what they have to offer to make to team better. It’s not about being it, it’s about embodying it! A great manager will also pass the baton if someone on his team has what it takes to do the managers job in the future. A manager will cultivate that talent, because they want that person to move into a manager role. And a great manager are already a leader no matter what their title imply. (1) Is