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The Ancient Greek contribution ranged by the 1900-133 BC, however its influence on the Western Literate Society lasts to this day. As the Greeks expanded their empire, they spread their ideas to other countries, while also borrowing from other cultures. During this period of time, the Greeks made many significant and long-lasting contributions to our modern culture in Philosophy, Art, Democracy, Drama, Math, and Science. These giving of important ideas, inventions, and structures have had an extraordinary influence on the surrounding environment, society, and in the future. The essential contributions of Greeks to the Western Civilization are Democracy, Art, and Philosophy.
One thing that the ancient Greek affected western civilization is politics. It was the Greeks who developed a democracy, they were the very first. Pericles stated that he wanted all citizens to have an equal opportunity to serve the public. In both the US democracy and the Greeks democracy, political privilege can be use by citizens. An example of a political privilege can be use by citizens in Greek was that laws were voted upon and to able to nominate by the assembly of all citizens. In the US when citizens are 18 and older they are granted the right to vote. In the US most of the democratic system that the government uses is either identical or very similar to the Ancient Greek system.
Perhaps the most famous piece of ancient Greek art work is Myron’s famous marble sculpture of The Discus Thrower. Myron’s art represents an Olympic event called Discus. The marble sculpture is notable because it reveals the ancient Greek value of athletics. The ancient Olympics were made up of a series of athletic matches that the people of the city-states within Greece would participate in. The city-states would put aside all differences to participate in these events to show their victory. The Olympics, that the ancient Greeks held, inspired other civilizations to hold an Olympics to test their athletes as well. A world Olympics is still held