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Colorectal Cancer Sometimes, it is very frustrating to think that in live one has the possibility to become a victim of pathogenic diseases such as cancer; therefore, cancer it is often seen around the world as one of the most pathogenic and terminal diseases. Consequently, people who become victim of these pathogenic diseases have little chance to survive. Sadly, there are many factors that make this disease to spread out to the tissues and organs. Unfortunately, carcinomas and sarcomas at times become malignant and, they cause further damage to the most important organs like heart, lungs, etc. Breast cancer, bone tumor, prostate cancer, lung cancer, ovaries cancer, etc. are a few of this type of disease. However, colorectal cancer lately is seen as one of the most dangerous and terminal cancers for human beings; therefore, a group of researchers from Taiwan have worked to find the causes, stage advances, and treatments for this pathogenic disease. INTRODUCTION: Scientific members around the world often try to find the origin of cancer, and although many of them have done researches and studies to cure and treat it, no one has achieved it. However, researchers have found out that some proteins are the main cause for the development of colon cancer. Thus, because cancer is developed by mutations in the genes (DNA), these researches believed that, “signaling pathways proteins” have a huge responsibility from the mutations and implications of genes. Consequently, they believed that, ‘’compelling evidence has implicated the wtn signaling pathway in the pathogenesis of colorectal cancer.” (Ting W-C, Chen L-M, Pao J-B, Yang Y-P, You B-J, et al, 2013) On the other hand, it is true that many more proteins are also involved and responsible of signaling pathway; including, adenomatous polyposis coli(APC) and Beta-catenin (CTNNB). Even though colorectal cancer is originated from the epithelial cells lining the rectum or colon of the gastrointestinal tract, there some other tissues involved in the development of this pathogenic disease. For example, the intestine plays a major role of the gastrointestinal tract and sometimes there is a misconduct of protein or some signaling pathways which result in alterations of genes. Therefore, mutations occur in the DNA afterwards. Najdi, R; Syed A; Arce, L; Theisen, H; Ting, J-ht; et al. argue that, “Constitutive activation of the Wnt/B-catenun pathways has been implicated as the primary cause of colon cancer.” also, “ T-cell factor 1 and TCF-4, have opposing functions… these phenotypes suggest that TCF-4 is wnt-promoting, whereas TCF acts like a tumor suppressor.” which means that, colorectal cancer is caused by proteins that do not act properly and therefore, signaling pathways result in wrong coding to amino acids resulting in the alteration of nucleotides. METHODS AND PATIENTS: Researches implied new methods by collecting information and tissues from colorectal cancer patients that collaborated by giving out blood for research purposes. Hence, the main purpose of these methods was to compare the genotype and allele frequency to find out family genetic history. However, There were another methods and researches that indicated the importance of genetic history for families who carried the genotype (using the allele frequency) for colon cancer, “Patients should also be questioned about family members who have colon polyps, and in particular the number of polyps they have had over a lifetime, in order to differentiate polyposis syndromes from nonpolyposis syndromes.” (Brentnall, Teresa A, and Andrew M Kaz)