Green Case Essay example

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1. What factors contributed to Andrew Keller starting the biodiesel business? Were you surprised at the reasons he gave for starting the business? Do you think the decision to start the business was wise? Why or why not?

There were a number of factors that contributed to Andrew Keller starting the biodiesel business. Keller had always been concerned with the environment. He was interested in coming up with a greener alternative to home heating and fueling. This was a business venture that not many had taken on so Keller felt that it was a good opportunity. There were also some very personal reasons that Keller started this business. Through a phone call one day, Andrew and his wife found out that they would be taking in three children.
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He definitely has the knowledge and skill but doesn’t really have the mindset that entrepreneurs should have. One of the main reasons Keller started this business is because he was concerned with the environment but in reality, it is not only about that.

Keller should have been more concerned with the profit side. A successful entrepreneur is usually very much focused on becoming successful and making a lot of money and I think that Keller wasn’t really focused on that as much as he should have been. I do not think he is well suited enough to be a successful entrepreneur. He does have certain qualities that are good to have but he needs to be more aggressive with the business and not just the sustainability of the company.

4. What similarities do you think a sustainable business start up shares with a “normal business” start up? What differences do you think there are? Discuss an example of a business challenge that both Simply Green and a conventional fuel dealer share? Discuss an example of a business challenge that was unique to Simply Green and would not have impacted a conventional fuel dealer from the chapter.

A sustainable business and a normal business have many financial similarities. They both start out needing capital. Also, they need to come up with a marketing strategy to plan how they are going to educate customers on their product. A business plan is also necessary in order to be successful and make profit. Differences