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Green Computing
Green is the burning topic these days. In this paper, we present a brief overview of Green Computing. Green computing refers to supporting business critical computing needs with least possible amount of power or sustainable computing. This is a new paradigm of designing the computer system which considers not only the processing performance but also the energy efficiency. In the past, the sole focus was on
IT equipments, processing power and associated equipment which includes infrastructure, power, cooling and data center space which was always assumed as readily available and affordable. The driving force behind this change comes from the ever growing business computing needs, fast growing burden of energy cost, growing awareness of global warming issues, and increasing sense of national energy security.
Here we also provide a review of how IT equipment power consumption across the industry is affecting the industry. It will focus on how equipment power consumption impacts the overall power usage and total cost of ownership and deploy to meet their business needs.
It will also briefly cover the general technological trends in the IT industry which are available in the race to meet green computing requirements.
So in this paper we depict the need of Green Computing to the society, roads to Green Computing, and the
Strategies to implement Green
Computing for creating a sustainable environment. Introduction
Bill Gates predicted many years ago of a PC in every home. He was widely considered to be simply promoting an unlikely scenario with the aim of boosting Microsoft's profits. However, how right he truly was. Not just at home but also virtually every commercial organization of any size is heavily reliant upon IT. At home there is little we can do regarding our use of IT, other than not leaving our
PC's switched on unnecessarily, but for organizations there is massive scope for affecting energy use, recycling, the public image, and profits through adopting a green approach to IT.
With increasing recognition that man- made greenhouse gas emissions are a major contributing factor to global warming, enterprises, governments, and society at large now have an important new agenda i.e. Tackling environmental issues and adopting environmentally sound practices.
Greening our IT products, applications, services, and practices is an economic and environmental imperative, as well as our social responsibility. Therefore, a growing number of IT vendors and users are moving toward green IT and thereby assisting in building a green society and economy.
Environmental and energy conservation issues have taken center stage in the global business arena in recent years. The reality of rising en­ ergy costs and their impact on international affairs coupled with the increased concern over the global warming climate crisis and other en­ vironmental issues have shifted the social and economic consciousness of the business community. Fortunately, solutions to this problem exist today and Enterprise Management
Associates (EMA) recommends businesses to implement a green computing solution not only to contribute to the global environmental movement, but also to decrease operating expenses and boost profitability.
What is Green
“Greening" your computing equipment is a low-risk way for your business to not only help the environment but also reduce costs.
It's also one of the largest growing trends in business today. Making a conscious decision to go green in the workplace, not only improves your bottom line, but also reduces your carbon footprint. It’s a win-win no matter how you look at it.
Green Computing or Green IT refers to environmentally sustainable computing or IT. It is "the study and practice of designing, manufacturing, using, and disposing of computers, servers, and associated subsystems—