Green Supply Chain Management Essay

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Green Supply Chain

MKTG 3130:901 Supply Chain Management
April 26, 2013
Abstract: There are a multitude of innovations and developments in the world of supply chain management. One of the most modern and popular new innovations is green supply chain management. This current trend has begun due to the fact of companies dynamically managing different supply chains by responding to customer’s buyer behavior. In order for this process to take place, and to be executed, researches propose that four basic supply chain types need to be created and implemented: flexible, agile, lean and continuous replenishment. Each one of these supply chain has different requirements in terms of the structure of their network design. Some need a faster, more adaptive and distributed network of facilities, while others require a rather stable and centralized structure. Nowadays, with the emergence of the green supply chain management an example is when designing and realigning supply chains according customers behaviors one needs to consider several environmental issues related , for example, to energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, material consumption and waste generation. My paper will investigate how different supply chain types serving different customers profiles can manage several network design tradeoffs in order to properly answer some relevant green supply chain management requirements. In order to do so, that the theoretical framework combining these concepts is proposed and discussed. We see that the wastes and even the used products are disposed and recycled to be used again or to make by products that can be used in any other manufacturing facility in to save natural resources and provide material for another manufacturing cycle. Once this cycle is established, researchers and analysts believe that the usage of material by the organizations will reduce up to around 30-40. This reduction in the use of material means that these companies will incur fewer costs on the acquisition of material in the same percentage.

This paper basically talks about the concept of green supply chain management that is being incorporated by many organizations in their management styles today. This paper will help introduce the term to the readers by giving them a detailed definition of the concept and its key elements that help implement this style of management. The paper will also discuss the benefits of implementing such a management strategy in their management style along with the risks that organizations face by implementing this management strategy. The paper will also talk about the key issues that organizations face while designing a green supply chain for their organization by analyzing separately the companies which are suitable for such a supply chain and also the companies which won’t be able to benefit from such a management practice. In the end the paper will also talk about the companies in UAE that are using this concept and are successfully using the best practices that makes such a supply chain management idol for their management. The methodology for the compilation for the information used in the report will be through a research based net search and literature review of many books written on the topic. The net search helps to identify the companies which are already using this management technique and the books help understand the basic concepts, benefits, risks and the types of companies that can use such a management practice.
The world is facing issues relating to climatic changes and environmental threats to a great extent today particularly because of the emissions of Greenhouse Gases that is the CO2 which is one of the major cause of global warming. According to research, the major portion of Australia’s energy related greenhouse gases were emitted by the production of goods and services by the production sector. This proportion was estimated to be as big as 56%. The issue that many