Greenhouse: Greenhouse Gas and Carbon Dioxide Essay

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James Webber
Greenhouse effect and Global Warming.
What is the greenhouse effect?
Many people regard this greenhouse effect as one of the worst environmental issue the word has ever experienced. The greenhouse effect is the earth’s natural way of trapping the heat produced from Carbon dioxide and other gases. Our earths O-zone level gives us the ability to trap this excess heat but does allow the short wave radiation to escape but traps the long wave radiation inside the O-zone, which is why we would call it the ‘greenhouse’ effect.
Name some of the greenhouse gases?
Some of the that contribute to the greenhouse effect are things such as excess carbon dioxide, methane and CFC’s
What is Global Warming?
As the human population is facing this we, put this down to the increased Greenhouse effect occurring, as we are now trapping more of the heat produced by the greenhouse gases its causing changes to the environment, such as increased temperatures, sea level (melting of ice and thermal expansion of water), in pests and disease and glacial melting at poles.
What is Climate Change?

How is Climate change being caused?
We are causing this climate due to our more sedimentary lifestyle as many of us are now using more motor vehicles then we were before, leaving more electrical appliances on which is causing an increase in CO2 levels being produced by each and every single household in the world.
What is the evidence for climate change?
From early years many scientists questioned whether ‘global warming’ was real but recently we have been able to increase the reliability also the interpretation of any evidence for the climate change and future predictions has been questioned by a number of scientists. As time has passed more and more evidence has emerged that supports climate change theories. As all this evidence has been presented, now only a few scientists still question the fact that climate change is actually happening now and needs to be resolved to stop the effect on the environment.
Is climate change a menace or myth?
As previously mentioned some scientists are still believing that all of this is one big myth and that people don’t need to worry that this is happening, but as the evidence has been presented it is visually showing us that the effects of our lifestyles is directly affecting how our environment is coping with this added stress. An example is the first and most famous evidence came from the high altitude observatory at Mona Loa in Hawaii, which measured atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide monthly since the mid 1950’s. Also we can see increased surface temperatures, sea level (melting of ice and thermal expansion of water), in pests and disease and glacial melting at poles.
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